What is Quark?

Quark is of Central European origin and is thought to have been made since the Iron Age. Quark simply means ‘curd’ in German. It is a fresh, white cheese, very similar to Ricotta.

It is a very versatile product that can be combined with savoury flavours (such as caraway, paprika or chopped Spring Onion), or sweetened with sugar or honey and eaten with desserts or for breakfast.

A hugely versatile cheese, it is also used in baked preparations such as savoury and sweet pies, mousses and cheesecakes. The texture is firm but a little crumbly and the flavour is mild and milky. Quark is made from pasteurised milk which has a starter culture added to it then some rennet to firm the curd. It is then hung in cheesecloth so that some of the whey can drain off. The Cheese Barn Organic Quark does not have any milk powder added to thicken it.

Organic Quark

 Made to traditional Dutch/German recipe, Quark is a very versatile product. It makes a great baked cheesecake or can be mixed with chopped Chives or Sun-dried Tomato to make a yummy dip. Potato bake, white sauces, spread on bread the uses are endless. See our recipe page for more uses.

This products is commonly used mixed with Flaxseed Oil for people with cancer following the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet. The plastic pottles are PCB free. Contact us if you require this product in bulk as we can do a 2kg tub for $30.80. Can be frozen into portion sizes.
Sold as 380g $7.90
Pasteurised Organic Whole Milk, Dairy Cultures, Vegetable Rennet

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