Happy Cows Make Better Cheese

We believe in keeping things as simple and natural as possible. Thus we are a certified organic factory through BioGro and don't use any artificial additives, antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical sprays  in our products. Our products are unhomogenised, gluten free, and have no GMO. 

We get our milk from a Certified Organic local family farm that takes great pride in providing a product that is safe for their customers and the environment. The farm, which has been in the family since 1972, operates a grass-based system and the team make hay and silage each year. The cows are not fed grains which makes all our products suitable for people on the Paleo diet. Calving is in the springtime and each calf is assigned not only a number but a name as well. The bulls used at mating time, are kept on the farm year-round. And yes...the bulls have names too!

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